RMCONSULTING aims to be identified as an E.P.I.C.A company.

We aim to become a reference in our sector.

We want to be recognized as the best boutique consultant in the field of strategic operational excellence, working in close partnership with its clients as a way to surpass their desired results.



We exist to create value for our customers, increase their profitability by making them better and more efficient.

So, following Dale Carnegie's maxim, “The best way to prepare for the future is to focus all imagination and enthusiasm on performing perfectly in today's job.”

So it is essential to know how to do well and with the team focused on the company, because “When we prepare for change and make it our way of being and being everything becomes easier. This is being ahead of the future. ” - Ricardo Ferreira de Mascarenhas



In order to fulfil our mission, it is essential to follow simple values such as:

- Credibility, transparency and trust in the information shared with our interlocutors.

- Ethics, rigour, professionalism and proactivity in the work developed.

- Focus on the continuous improvement of our team as professionals and as human beings.



T. Rua Comandante Rocha e Cunha, Nº 4, 3800-136 Aveiro, Portugal

(+351) 234 351 145


Rua Cidade de Bolama Nº 38J - 1D, 1800-079 Lisboa, Portugal

(+351) 211 931 647