Why is Operational Excellence essential in management and business? (and how to achieve it?)

Why is Operational Excellence essential in management and business? (and how to achieve it?)


Today an essential part of the management of a business is to achieve Operational Excellence of the processes executed because management and business exist, essentially, to respond to customer requests using the workforce of employees and both (customers and employees) are increasingly demanding.
In general, Operational Excellence directs the management of processes in order to deliver a service or product that not only satisfies and retains the customer, but is also a reference for the market and the people affected by the business.
Can we also add that it is essential for any management or business nowadays? If you answer 'no' you may not be wrong. However, the aim here is to try to clarify in a simple and clear way why Operational Excellence is a vital part of process management and how it can be achieved because the benefits are clear. The challenge is to realise, i.e. to make Operational Excellence real.
Nowadays, due to a question of survival and competitiveness strategy in the market, Operational Excellence has become essential in organizations as it directs all People and Processes to join efforts in favor of Productivity and Quality in order to meet (or exceed) the expectations of the client with Excellence.
In fact, this is the daily battle of the corporate world. This war is where Excellence is both defense and attack. This vision of Excellence as defense and attack is from an expert in Excellence, Tom Peters.
Tom Peters states that "companies recognised as excellent do not believe in Excellence but in constant learning and continuous improvement". I fully subscribe to this position and note that Peters adds categorically that "tomorrow's excellent companies will value impermanence and thrive in chaos".
But how to have Operational Excellence in chaos in management and business? In the world of Management and Business, Operational Excellence has become a mandatory prerequisite and a beacon of best practice and continuous process improvement. The challenge is therefore how to achieve Excellence. For the industry, the Toyota Production System that became 'known' in the West as Lean is a benchmark of Operational Excellence for industrial management and an excellent story to illustrate how to achieve Excellence in management and business. But for a reader outside the industry perhaps this whole sequence and story of how to achieve Operational Excellence with Toyota as a reference is something just for the industry becoming reductive.
At this point dare to think in counter-cycle. Want to know how to achieve Excellence in management and business? Well, don't think of the customer first.
No, it's not irony, that's right. Your Operational Excellence Strategy should start by thinking about the people who add value to your business first and involve them. It's a big step to achieve Excellence and your strategy has to go through here. If you think about the customer first, remember that your employees are your internal customers, it is through them that you will achieve Excellence before your customers.
Do you also have the privilege of being accompanied by an Excellent team?
Remember that today is tomorrow that you were worried about yesterday and that "The best way to prepare for the future is to concentrate all your imagination and enthusiasm on the perfect execution of today's work" - Dale Carnegie, so accept the challenge.
Start, Go, Walk, Run, Drive... LEAN
See you in two weeks.

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