When more time means (effectively) more money

When more time means (effectively) more money


We live in an accelerated reality. Everything is unavoidably required for yesterday and in the rush to get there, we often don't even get there. This is also the case when the theme is the company's strategy and one wants an organizational (r)evolution that brings a management model based on continuous improvement. The desired sustainable progress. We want everything in a flash, in a divine breath that transforms everything so that everything is the same. Hurry.

Now, if there is one thing that distinguishes the work developed by Master Ohno, it is the ability to manage time efficiently. But even Taichi Ohno needed time for time to be seen as the central element. And for that time is/was needed: only twenty-five years later did Toyota assume for herself the work of Ohno.

Womack & Jones in 1996 in their book "Lean Thinking: Eliminate Waste and Create Wealth for Your Company" present a proposed Lean implementation that takes five years to complete. Five years.

1 - Start (First six months): Find a change agent; Get Lean knowledge; Find a lever (project/problem); Map value flows; Start kaikaku; Expand your purpose.

2 - Create a new organization (Between six months and two years): Reorganize by product family; Create a lean management/support function; Design a policy for excess people; Design a growth strategy; Remove anchors; Implement a perfection mentality.

3 - Install Business Systems (Years Three and Four): Introduce Lean accounting; Relate payment to business performance; Implement transparency; Initiate Lean strategic policy implementation; Introduce lean learning; Find the right size tools.

4 - Complete the transformation (By the end of the fifth year): Apply these steps to your suppliers/customers; Develop a global strategy; Transition from top-down improvement to bottom-up improvement.

I know that today five years is a lifetime, but this table helps us to understand that a process of this nature, to achieve its purpose, is not done with the voracity that our days want.

In order to be quick we have to be pondered and to be pondered we need time to analyze, study, measure and plan. This without forgetting the endogenous and exogenous causes that, intentionally or not, increase the difficulty of changing the core of a project of this nature: people.

But never give up. Think harder, analyse harder, plan harder, try harder, fail harder, become simpler, gain speed and win in the end.

Do you know where you want to be in 'five years' time? Small steps, big changes!

Remember that today is tomorrow that you worried about yesterday and that "The best way to prepare for the future is to concentrate all your imagination and enthusiasm on the perfect execution of today's work" - Dale Carnegie, so take the challenge.

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