Process innovation as a progress strategy

Process innovation as a progress strategy


Paulo Pereira da Silva, Renova's CEO and eminent national and international reference in terms of innovation, said about this that "It is a matter of dynamic "culture" that translates into new solutions of concepts. Innovation must be transversal. To innovate with something completely different and better, the ingenious invention, is not easy. What is available to everyone is the observation of other realities and the study of their application to ours. In two words: interactivity (of areas, hibricity, curiosity, etc.) and passion (obsession to do it well)".

In the same text and talking about barriers to success Paulo Pereira da Silva says that in his vision "there are two main barriers. On the one hand, the most serious, in my opinion, is self-censorship. Sometimes we think that this or that idea that is born within the brand is a "crazy" idea or that will not succeed, (especially if the idea is not yours), and ends up in the dumpster. I am convinced that there are thousands of magnificent ideas in the world's paper mills. The second would be the fear of change, of risk, when the biggest risk is certainly "not taking risks".

Purists will say that this is worthless grey literature because of lack of peer validation. This is the ability to combine theory and practice and present fantastic results sustained by incremental innovation (where we find kaizen, the Japanese concept of "continuous improvement") and radical or disruptive innovation (where we find kaikaku, the Japanese word for "radical change").

When I read these words, I immediately remembered Toyoda and Ohno's "journey" and the maxim of the latter: "go and see". That's how Toyota overcame its challenges and gave the world a successful trail. I also recalled the concept of blind observation that gives us the 'vision' of the other senses and that comprehensively complements the knowledge of a reality. In other words, innovation can be introduced in our process, since it is an introduction of new tools, methodologies and culture in a circumscribed and totally categorizable environment. In other words, it refers to the organization, space, environment and reality in question. This will be the space where we will have to, considering all the exterior, define the organization's progress strategy and understand if it involves reformulating the current process, a new product, a new service or another path.

Moreover, innovation can also be defined as doing more with fewer resources, allowing ranges of efficiency in processes, whether productive, administrative or financial, or in the provision of services, to enhance and be a driver of competitiveness. Innovation, when it creates an increase in competitiveness, can be considered a fundamental factor in the economic growth of the company and, consequently, of society. Innovation is a creative, transformative process that promotes paradigmatic breakthroughs, even if only partial, positively impacting quality of life and human development. Here we frame organizational innovation as the implementation of new organizational methods in business practice, work organization and even external relations.

When the organisation defines that its progress strategy, where it responds to whom-whom-whom, involves doing the same, (giving the end customer the same answer), in a different way it is saying that to be able to do so it has to be restructured internally. It will be the potential first level of a lean walk. It is an innovation at a micro level with a focus on the process and the organizational structure, whose objective is to increase efficiency and performance, increase technical and social skills and technical capacity to improve the development and communication of services and products. It therefore has a strong impact on reducing operating costs, (which is the item with the most visibility), but the real essence is the organizational cultural change.

Remember that today is tomorrow that you worried about yesterday and that "The best way to prepare for the future is to focus all imagination and enthusiasm on the perfect execution of today's work" - Dale Carnegie, so accept the challenge.

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