Developed exclusively by the Habsburg monarchy in the 16th century for use in times of war and peace, the Lipizzaner is the real royal horse. It is a breed of horse that arose from the crossing of native mixed mares of Neapolitans and Berbers with 5 Andalusian stallions selected and imported from Andalusia in Spain and crosses with Arabian Stallions. There are only about 3,000 stallions mostly in Austria and they are known for their speed, dexterity, strength and beauty.
They are born black or dark brown and, at about six years of age, the hair begins to change color. In adulthood the Lipizzaner have a white coat. So, if a horse has some touch of black on its hair, it's younger than an all-white one. Like everything else in life this breed also has an exception: sometimes a horse grows up and continues with the dark shade.
Knowing a little more about this equine breed, I couldn't help but draw the parallel that exists with the management of operations and operational excellence. The challenge lies not only in the best plan and experimentation (trial and error) or in the implementation of the plan (which, as in this case, can be time-consuming). Being able to achieve a result that surpasses expectations and then maintain and preserve, even improve, the same is what is truly level of excellence.
In other words, it is even easy to have the best action plan and execute it masterfully, but maintaining, systematizing, standardizing and improving is what is difficult to achieve and, in this way, distinguish ours from other companies. That is why there are, in the various sectors, companies that are becoming references.
I use the example of this race to once again reinforce the importance of the medium/long term when we want to achieve operational excellence in a consistent manner and build a new organisation. It is teamwork that needs dreaming, leadership and the commitment of all knowing that results can come not immediately. Persistence overcomes the adversity of waiting and gives us the majestic white horse we have longed for.
Are you available to achieve your white Lippizaner?
Remember that today is tomorrow that you worried about yesterday and that "The best way to prepare for the future is to concentrate all your imagination and enthusiasm on the perfect execution of today's work" - Dale Carnegie, so take on the challenge.
Start, Go, Walk, Run, Drive... LEAN
See you in two weeks.

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