In certainty - the package and the gift

In certainty - the package and the gift


In certainty - the package and the gift

It has always been true for everyone that we cannot predict the future. We can condition it and reduce the uncertainty that goes with it. But we have again sailed into the open, we have run up against a pandemic and the levels of uncertainty have risen sharply. Can we reverse the situation immediately? Of course not. But then hasn't there been, or is there nothing we can do? Yes there is, we can act from the inside out. How?
We all know that it is easier to decide and act with a well defined plan and with a "tidy house". We have to create the conditions so that, when we have to make decisions, we can do so quickly and with the least possible negative impact on our organisation (or until we are able to identify an opportunity and seize it). The answer lies in reducing the degree of uncertainty in (and of) companies in order to enhance them through operational excellence.
The first step is a deep, pragmatic and cold analysis of the current operational, accounting and financial situation of the company to enable it to overcome the present constraints. Using the BLUE Pencil (, it is possible to remove the accessory, the dispensable and focus prima facie on the essential.
This operation will focus on the essence of the business and the operation. The action plan will be defined and the implementation process will be followed to guarantee an increase in efficiency and effectiveness. It will be necessary to maximise the PPP trinomial (People, Processes and Purpose) through the implementation of sustainable continuous improvement methodologies and tools to increase the profitability of your business, increasing the operational margin and reducing the weight of operational costs.
This will only be successful if supported by qualified and prepared people - with an external vision without being conditioned by the internal reality of the company - that will allow them to obtain, in an objective and independent way, the possibility to identify problems, needs, concerns or desired objectives, to analyse those problems, to find solutions and, finally, to support the implementation of those solutions.
It is a hard work that has to be done now in order to reap its fruits in the medium term and thus be able to sail again on the open sea after the storm has passed. It is time to combine glamorous packaging with an exquisite and rich gift. Let's get back on a path with more certainty because we are going to build it. When do you want to start?
This is the time to robust and to be able to grow. To paraphrase Jack Welsh "see change as an opportunity for growth".
Remember that today is the tomorrow you prepared for yesterday and that 'when we prepare for change and make that our way of being and being everything becomes easier. This is being ahead of the future', so take up the challenge
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