Scientific investigation

We support our work in scientific methods.

We seek to scientifically validate our work developed in the field

We investigate and encourage our team to do so.
We have ongoing internal research, at the master's and doctoral level.

Scientific investigation


We developed our tools to support knowledge transfer.

Gamification is a way of involving the trainees in a more intense way and when entering a new dynamic they learn more consistently a new organizational culture, methods and new tools.

We have created flexible tools for various areas of action from industry to areas such as food, services and health, making it possible to train, in an informal environment and in a captivating way using ludification techniques.

We have several games like Moliceiro Lean.


Methods & Tools

We develop new tools and methods internally. (two brief examples)

BLIND OBSERVATION: it is a method with three moments of intervention where all your senses will be and be trained to work together and give the most correct picture of your work reality! You will thus be able to say that you know that reality correctly and deeply. It is applied in the problem validation phase.

If you want to receive the details of this method, send an e-mail to with the subject BLIND OBSERVATION.

PROGRESS VINTAGE: it is a method applied in defining the purpose of a project under which it is possible to define a timeline, how to drive a team / organization internally and how to have innovation within the company because “Innovation is just a new way of relating old things. ”, and this is PROGRESS VINTAGE.

If you want to receive more information about this method send an email to with the subject PROGRESS VINTAGE.

Methods & Tools


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