Consulting and Training

We completely overturn ourselves in the words of Peter Block when he says that "consulting, at its best, is an act of love: the desire to be genuinely useful to others. To use what we know, or feel, or suffer on the way to decrease the burden of others. "

We focus on reducing the uncertainty of the companies we work with in order to enhance them through operational excellence.

We implement consulting and training projects in the area of ​​strategic operational excellence, analysis of organizational diagnosis and technical management advice:

• We increased the profitability of your business, increasing the operating margin and reducing the weight of operating costs.
• We maximize the PPP (People, Processes and Purpose) trinomial through the implementation of improvement methodologies and tools
   sustainable continuum.
• We detect opportunities for improvement, define the action plan and monitor the implementation process that guarantees the
   increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Our approach to consulting involves providing a service, supported by qualified and prepared people, which will allow us to obtain, in an objective and independent way, the possibility of identifying problems, needs, concerns or objectives intended by the Client, analyzing these problems, find solutions and, finally, get support to implement those solutions. We monitor all phases of the project.

Some of our results
• Productivity improvement over 30%
• Increases in efficiency greater than 35%
• Inventory reduction greater than 20%
• OEE greater than 90%

We want to allow you to be always ahead of the future.

Consulting and Training


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