Acting in the company processes, we define and monitor the implementation of the projects, based on the Lean principles and Kaizen methods, until the objectives and results are achieved and the participants are fully operational.

Increasing the profitability of your business and reducing the weight of operating costs within a new organizational culture is our goal.

Operational Models:
- 3P5V model;
- Treble clef model;
- The Start, Go, Walk, Run, Drive... Program


3P5V Model

1. Specify value
- Who do we serve?

2. Identify and map the value chain
- Where to intervene?

3. Create streaming
- Elimination of waste.

4. Production "pulled" by the "consumer"
- Produce in the right quantity at the right time.

5. Seek perfection
- Better today than yesterday but worse than tomorrow.

3P5V Model

Treble Clef Model

In our projects we always try to follow the Treble Clef Model in the implementation phase (s), choosing the team / people most open to change and, starting from there and a pilot project, gradually involving other people / teams transversally and longitudinally to encompass all people at all hierarchical levels.

Treble Clef Model

The Start, Go, Walk, Run, Drive... Program

START: A customer base approach.

GO: change behaviors and culture.

WALK: to achieve innovative results in a holistic way.

RUN: Management commitment to achieve success.

DRIVE: Make your organization a global change agent.

The Start, Go, Walk, Run, Drive...  Program


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