Blue Pencil

The "blue pencil" was the symbol of censorship and the time of the Portuguese dictatorship of the 20th century. The censors of the Estado Novo used a blue pencil to cut any text, image or drawing to be published in the press to, in their perspective, protect the dictatorship.

Today, in a time of great uncertainty as to tomorrow, it is imperative, above all, to preserve the essence of the company and the business so that, after this storm, it will reappear vigorously able to embrace and overcome the challenges to come. After the crisis is more robust.

It is necessary, now and now, to focus on the essentials and to remove the accessory, the expendable.

The BLUE PENCIL service includes a deep, pragmatic and cold analysis of the company's current operating, accounting and financial situation to make it able to overcome the present constraints. It also includes concrete actions for operational, accounting and financial optimization (cost cutting, profitability of assets, reduction of liabilities,…). It is a weapon in this war, accessible to all SMEs.

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Blue Pencil


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